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August 24, 2014
August 24, 2014

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Welcome to the home of the Purple Passion Majesties. We are a Chicago based Chapter of the Red Hat Society, and are currently accepting new members. To join our merry group, all that is needed is a sense of humor and the ability to have fun! To learn more about the Red Hat Society please click on the Red Hat Society Logo located to the left.

I try to have one RHS event a month.
Browse through our web pages to see where we have been
and where we will be in the upcoming months.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions, or comments.

Ta Ta with a Queenly Wave,
Terri Starobub
The Passion Queen

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Back on May 5, 2007, our chapter went to see the musical "Hats", the official musical of the Red Hat Society. Little did I know that I would meet and work with Kate Young, one of the actresses 4 years later! AND be honored with the gift of the Red Hat she wore for the duration of the play! What an honor, and what a pleasure it was to work with her publicizing a combined event. Kate Young, a Messo-Soprano put together a benefit concert to aid Japan after the distruction of the earthquake/tsunami that hit earlier this year. She is currently one of the professional singers in the church choir of St. Peter's UCC (my employer). I worked to spread the word of the benefit and included it as a Red Hat event for Chicago area Red Hat Society chapters that took place May 13, 2011. I know the original Red Hat is now on display at the smithsonian in Washington D.C., But I'm so thrilled to have a little bit of Red Hat history of my owned to wear with pride! The Passion Queen Terri Starodub
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